Black Tips!

Yesterday I had the exhaust tips powdercoated matte black and I think they came out great.  


The black optic package from Audi should've came with black exhaust tips to begin with.  The other thing I'd like to do that I think should've been an option is matte black Audi and S3 emblems in the front and back. I always have like that Porsche does that on their Macan GTS and think it would be a nice touch on my S3. That will have to happen at some point.


Hubcap Heaven in Penn Hills did the powder coating for me and I am very impressed with the outcome. I dropped the tips off at 830 AM and they were done by 130 PM, amazing turn around time. We use them to powder coat wheels for our cars/customers at work (Day VW & Audi) and I am contemplating having them do my OEM wheels in black if I don't get aftermarket wheels.

I also finally got my gorillapod with phone holder(see below). This is something I will eventually use for a vlogging camera, but for now I will be using it with my iphone 7. I am currently teaching myself new things to do with video and learning how to edit. I'd like to be decent in those areas before the vlog starts.